PAPER-3.6 LAND LAWS (Question-Answer Series) H भूमि विधियाँ

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PAPER-3.6 LAND LAWS  (Question-Answer Series) H  भूमि विधियाँ

The book prepared according to following syllabus Question-Answer Format in Hindi Medium. 



History, Enactment and Implementation of the Indian Evidence Act, 1872; Objects, Application and Definitions(Sections 01 and 03); May Presume, Shall Presume and Conclusive Proof (Section 04); Facts In Issue and Relevant Facts (Section 05) Of the Relevancy of Facts: Relevancy and Admissibility (Inter-linkages and Major Differences); Sections 06 - 39; Difference between Admission, Confession and Plea of Guilt; Dying declaration; Expert evidence; Judgments of Courts when Relevant under Sections 40- 44; Opinions of Third Persons when Relevant (Sections 45 - 51); Character When Relevant (Sections 52 - 55);


Oral and Documentary Evidence:

Oral Evidence: Proof of facts by Oral Evidence(Section 59); Oral evidence must be direct (Section 60); Documentary Evidence: Sections 61 - 78; Presumptions as to Documents (Sections 79 - 90A); Exclusion of Oral By Documentary Evidence: Sections 91 - 100;


Burden of Proof:

Section 101 - 114A; Estoppel (Section 115), Estoppel of Tenant and of Licensee of Person in Possession (Section 116), Estoppel of Acceptor of Bill of Exchange, Baillie or Licensee




Sections 118 - 128; The Oaths Act, 1969 and its relation with the Law of Evidence, 1872; Sections 132, 133 & 134; Harmony between Section 133 and Section 114 Illustration (b); Difference between the terms Accomplice, Approver, Co-Accused and Hostile Witness with regard to Section 133 (together with relevant Sections of Cr.P.C., 1973);


Examination of Witnesses:

Sections 135 - 165; Facts which Need Not Be Proved (Sections 56 - 58); No New Trial for Improper Admission or Rejection of Evidence(Section 167); Contemporary Developments in the Law of Evidence: Case-Law Analysis; Impact of Forensic Science: Evidentiary Value in D.N.A. Test, Narco-Analysis etc.; Impact of Social Media in the Law of Evidence; Witness Protection Schemes;

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