BA-PART-2 History-History Of Medival India (C 1200-1761 AD) Paper - I(Q & A) One week series -Rajasthan University

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BA-PART-2 History-History Of Medival India (C 1200-1761 AD) Paper - I(Q & A) One week series -Rajasthan University

History Of Medival India (C 1200-1761 AD) B.A. Part - II Paper - I Parth One Week Series




A survey of the sources of the period of Delhi Sultanate. Turkish invasions and Rajput resistance Establishment and consolidation of Delhi Sultanate. Khalid imperialism and Tughlaq innovations. Growth of Provincial kingdoms. Contribution of Baharani and Vlayanagar kingdoms


A survey of the sources of the Mughal period. Foundations of the Mughal Empire. Rise of Sher Shah Suri and his administration. Expansion and consolidation of the Mughal empire under Akbar. Role of Nur Jahan "Junta' in Mughal politics. Mughal policy towards Rajputs, Sikhs, Deccan kingdom, Marathas Persia and Contral Asia, Religious policy of the Mughals. Rise of Shivaji and expansion of the Marathas upto 1761. Fall of the Mughal Empire.



A critical evaluation of the main features and processes of the polity, society economy and culture during medieval times (c. 1200-1761 AD) Nature of Scale. Growth of administrative and agrarian systems Economy: agriculture, industry, trade banking, urban centers. Society social classes’ uleita, nobility, peasantry, slavery Status of women. Bhakti Movement, Maharashtra Dharma, Sufism, Sikhism. Developments in art, architecture, and literature. Efforts at cultural synthesis and growth of composite culture


This book is written in english language in question answer series according to syllabus of 4 University.


Rajasthan University (UOR) (Jaipur)


Raj Rishi Bharthari Matsya University (MATASYA)

Pt. Deendayal Upadhyaya Shekhawati University (SHEKHAWATI)

Maharaja Surajmal Brij University (BRIJ)



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