BA-PART-2 Economics -Introductory Macro Economics (Q&A) One Week Series--Rajasthan University

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BA-PART-2 Economics -Introductory Macro Economics (Q&A) One Week Series--Rajasthan University

Macro Economics 


This One Week Series is Written in English Language in Question Answer Series According to syllabus of Rajasthan 

Introductory Macro Economics

Section- A

Macroeconomics, Meaning, Subject matter and Importance. Basic tenets of Classical, Keynesian, New-Classical and New Keynesian economics, Macrocosmic variables, Circular flow of Income, National Income: Basic concepts, Measurement, Sectoral Accounts, Nominal and Real Aggregates. Money function. Demand and Supply Quantity Theory of Money Transaction Approach. Cash Balance Approach. Keynes reformulation of the Quantity Theory of Money inflation Meaning and Impact. Theories of Inflation- Demand Pull (Keynesian and modern), Demand Push. Structural Theories of Inflation.


Income and Employment Determination : Classical Modal and Keynesian Model, Consumption Function: Psychological Law of Consumption, Determinants of Consumption, Paradox of, Thrift, Investment Function: Determinants of investment, Marginal Efficiency of Capital and Marginal Efficiency of Investment, Concept of Multiplier and Accelerator.



Central Bank: Organizational set-up and functions of Central Bank (with special reference to RBI). Commercial Bank: Functions, Modern trends of Commercial Banking. Quantitative and Qualitative Credit control by RBI. Money Supply: Meaning & Definition, four measures (M, M2M, and M.) Monetary Policy: Objectives, Targets and Indicators, Transmission Mechanism.




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