BA-PART-3 Geography -Economic Geography (Q&A) One Week Series-JNVU University

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BA-PART-3 Geography -Economic Geography (Q&A) One Week Series-JNVU University

 Economic Geography


This One Week Series is Written in English Language in Question Answer Series According to syllabus of Jai Narayan Vyas University. 


Unit 1 : Nature, scope and methods of economic geography ; economic resources; their classification and conservation; fundamental occupations of man: fishing and livestock raising

Unit 2 : Agriculture : subsistence, intensive commercial grain farming, plantation agriculture and mixed farming, dairying; principal agricultural crops: wheat, rice, maize, tea, coffee, rubber, cotton, sugarcane and sugar beet

Unit 3 : Minerals : Iron ore, Manganese and Copper ore; Sources of power: Coal, Petroleum, Hydroelectricity and Nuclear Unit 4 : Industries : Iron and Steel, Cotton Textile, Pulp and Paper, Major Industrial Regions: The Lake region of U.S.A., Ruhr basin of Germany and Manufacturing belts of Japan.

Unit5 : Transportation : Rail, Water-major ocean routes and inland waterways of Europe, former USSR; Air-factors affecting air transportation, Principal air-routes of the world; International trade: Bases of international trade; barriers to trade and pattern of world trade





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