BA-PART-3 Geography -Geography of India (Q&A) One Week Series- MDS University

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BA-PART-3 Geography -Geography of India (Q&A) One Week Series- MDS University

 Geography of India


This One Week Series is Written in English Language in Question Answer Series According to syllabus of Maharishi Dayanand University. 



Course Contents:


India in the context of the South-East and South Asia, India: A land of diversities unity within diversities. Major terrain elements of India and their role in shaping, physical landscape of India. Drainage systems.

Regional and seasonal variation of climate - The monsoon, western disturbance, norwesters. Climatic regions of India.

Soil types- their distribution and characteristics, vegetation types and their distribution. Forest - The status of their use and need for conservation.


Agriculture, irrigation and multipurpose projects, geographical conditions, distribution and production of wheat, rice, sugarcane, cotton, jute, coffee, tea; Live stock, Fisheries.

Resources: minerals - iron-ore, copper, manganese and sources areas of India; of power coal, petroleum, hydropower, atomic energy, resource

Industries - Iron and steel, textile, cement, paper and pulp; Industrial regions of India, Transportation - railways, road, air and water.


Changing nature of Indian economy - Agricultural growth during the plan period; Green revolution vis-a-vis traditional farming: Agricultural areas and its relevance in agricultural development planning.


Spatial distribution of population and density: Socio economic implications of population explosion; urbanization; Gender discrimination. Basis of regional planning, planning divisions of India - macro and meso; Regional planning of rural and urban areas.





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