BA-PART-2 Geography -Human Geography (Q&A) One Week Series- MGSU University

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BA-PART-2 Geography -Human Geography (Q&A) One Week Series- MGSU University

 Human Geography 


This One Week Series is Written in English Language in Question Answer Series According to syllabus of Maharaja Gangasingh University. 

UNIT-I Nature and scope of human geography; Branches of human geography; Principles of human geography; Approaches of human geography; Concepts of man-environment relationship- determinism, possibilism, and neo-determinism; Dichotomy in physical and human geography.

UNIT- II Division of mankind: spatial distribution, physical and social profile of racial groups, ethnic groups, tribal groups in the world and in India; early economic activities of mankind- food gathering, hunting, fishing and shifting cultivation.

UNIT-III Human adaptation to environment (i) Cold region Eskimos, (ii) Hot region Bushman & Pigmy, (iii) Plateau region Gonds & Masai, (iv) Mountain region Gujjar & Naga, (v) Plain region Bhils & Santhal, their social and economic activities.

UNIT-IV Distribution of population: World distribution pattern; physical, economic and social factors influencing spatial distribution; Concept of over population, under population, and optimum population. Zero population growth; Migration- internal and international.

UNIT-V Population regions of India; dynamic, prospective, depressed; Problem of over population of India and remedial measures. Population programmes and policy of India. Books recommended: 1. Bergwan Edward E: Human Geography: Culture, Connection and L




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