BA Public Administration - Administrative Thinkers (Q&A) One Week Series- Kota University

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BA Public Administration - Administrative Thinkers (Q&A) One Week Series- Kota University

 Paper – I – Administrative Thinkers


3 hrs. duration Max. Marks : 100


Note : The question paper will contain three sections as under – Section-A : One compulsory question with 10 parts, having 2 parts from each unit, short answer in 20 words for each part. Total marks : 10 Section-B : 10 questions, 2 questions from each unit, 5 questions to be attempted, taking one from each unit, answer approximately in 250 words. Total marks : 50 Section-C : 04 questions (question may have sub division) covering all units but not more than one question from each unit, descriptive type, answer in about 500 words, 2 questions to be attempted. Total marks : 40




Unit – I Administrative Ideas of Kautilya, Henri Fayol and F.W. Taylor with particular reference to : 1. Kautilya : (i) The Machinery of Government (ii) Principle of Authority and Obedience 2. Henri Fayol (i) Managerial Activities (ii) Principles of Organization 3. F.W. Taylor (i) The Scientific Management Movement (ii) Impact of Taylorism on organization Theory


Unit – II Administrative Ideas of Elton Mayo, Chester Barnard and Herbert Simon with special reference to : 1. Elton Mayo : (i) Hawthorne Experiments (ii) Human Relation Approach 2. Chester Bernard : (i) Organization a Consciously Coordinated Cooperative System. (ii) Authority and Responsibility 3. Herbert Simon : (i) Decision making as heart of Administration (ii) Stages in Decision Making Process (iii) Rationality in Decision Making


Unit – III Administrative Ideas of Mc Gregor, Frederic Herzberg and Maslow with special reference to : 1. Mc Gregor : 13 13 (i) Theory ‘X’ and Theory ‘Y’ (ii) Conflict Management 2. Frederick Herzberg : (i) Two factor Theory (ii) Job Enrichment 3. Abraham Maslow : (i) Need – Hierarchy Theory


Unit – IV Administrative Ideas of F.W. Riggs, Max Weber and Chris Argyris with special reference to : 1. F.W. Riggs : (i) Sala Model in Prismatic Society (ii) Concept of Development 2. Max Weber : (i) Ideal type Model of Bureaucracy (ii) Authority and Legitimacy 3. Chris Argyris (i) Organizational Theory : Fusion Model (ii) Organizational Changes



Unit – V Administrative Ideas of Rensis Likert, Peter Drucker and Yehezkel Dror with special reference to : 1. Rensis Likert : (i) Supervisory Style (ii) Management Systems 1-4 2. Peter Drucker : (i) Management by objectives (ii) Concept of Effective Executive 3. Yehezkel Dror (i) Policy Science

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