MA Geography -Political Geography -पोलिटिकल जियोग्राफी (Q & A) One week series (HINDI MEDIUM)

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MA  Geography -Political Geography -पोलिटिकल जियोग्राफी  (Q & A) One week series (HINDI MEDIUM) 

Parth One Week Series M.A. Geography (Political Geography)

पार्थ वन वीक सीरीज एम.ए. जियोग्राफी (पोलिटिकल जियोग्राफी)

This One Week Series Cover 4 Universities Syllabus.

Rajasthan University (UOR) (Jaipur)  राजस्थान यूनिवर्सिटी

Syllabus Covered in Book


Section A

Definition, scope nature and importance of political geography: its relation with other social sciences, history and development of political geography : pra-modem phase before 194 Centary), geopolitics and German school of thought global strategic views : views of Mackinder, Spykman, Meining. H o od De Seversky, world's geostrategie regions, critical

Section B


State and nation the idea of state the elements of the state territory, population, organization and power concept of nation nationalism, heart of the state core arche focus capital city. rontiers and boundaries definitions, classification and concepts, boundaries as con arriers, buffer zones, concept of meals and maritime beundries, landlockodas:of access, growth of nations and disintegration of empre unitary and federal states dyscalonialism and resurgent nacionalism, supernationalism

Section c

Polities and transportation, geography of foreigned and economic development, emergence of third world block, politico-geographical study of india, political geography of administration, politico-geographical implications of space research function, methods and trends of electrol geogmphy: vler's participation before voting production, conceptual del of the voting decision, operationalisation of conceptual decision, garrymendering in relation to india


Raj Rishi Bharthari Matsya University (MATASYA)

Pt. Deendayal Upadhyaya Shekhawati University (SHEKHAWATI)

Maharaja Surajmal Brij University (BRIJ)

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